Top 6 Travel Potty Seats for On-the-Go Convenience

In this blog post, we will explore the top six travel potty seats that provide on-the-go convenience for parents and caregivers. Whether you are embarking on a family trip or simply running errands, having a portable potty seat can make all the difference in maintaining an easy and stress-free potty training experience. Join us as we highlight the key features and benefits of these sought-after travel potty seats, enabling you to choose the perfect option for your needs.


OXO Tot Go Potty – Gray

The OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty is the perfect solution for on-the-go potty emergencies. Whether you’re traveling or on a day out with your toddler, this portable potty will come in handy. It opens quickly and easily, and can be used with disposable bags or as a seat on top of toilets. The legs lock at the ideal height for growing tots, and soft, flexible flaps securely hold disposable bags in place. The potty comes with three disposable bags with absorbent pads, and refills are readily available. It can also accommodate standard plastic bags if needed. The small seat is designed for little bottoms and comes with a generous shield to prevent splatter. The potty is easy to clean, with smooth surfaces that wipe down quickly. The legs fold all the way in, allowing the potty to fit into the included travel bag, making it convenient to store in cars, strollers, or diaper bags. It is also compatible with both round and elongated public toilets, thanks to its non-slip grips. Reviews rave about its portability, sturdiness, and reliability, making it a must-have for any parent on the go.

Convenient portable potty training solution
  • Portable and travel-friendly
  • Quick and easy to open
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Versatile design for use on toilets or as a standalone potty
  • Securely holds disposable bags in place
Convenient Potty Solution
  • Portable and convenient for traveling or on-the-go use
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Folds up compactly for easy storage
  • Includes a carrying bag for added convenience
  • Comes with high-quality bags for hygienic use
  • No absorbent pad included in generic bags
  • May not be sturdy enough for adult use
Convenient and versatile
The OXO Tot 2-in-1 Go Potty is a portable and travel-friendly option that offers quick and easy setup, easy cleaning, and a versatile design, making it a convenient choice for parents on the go, although it may not be suitable for adult use and the generic bags do not come with an absorbent pad.

Gimars Upgrade Travel Potty Seat with Non-Slip Silicone Pads

The Gimars Upgrade Non-Slip Easily Removed Foldable Travel Potty Seat for Toddlers & Kids is the perfect solution for parents who are potty training their toddlers and are constantly on the go. Made from durable plastic, this portable toilet seat cover is designed to fit all shapes of toilets, ensuring that your child feels secure and comfortable wherever they go. The upgraded version features 6 large non-slip silicone pads, increasing the contact area of friction between the toilet and the potty training seat, preventing any dangerous slips or falls. Additionally, the 2 flip down anti-slip clips provide extra stability. This travel potty seat is not only practical but also easy to use, fold, and unfold. It comes with a free carry bag, making it convenient to take with you wherever you need to go. Say goodbye to unsanitary public toilet seats and give your child a safe and hygienic potty training experience with Gimars.

Enhanced Travel Potty Seat Features
  • Upgrade version with 6 large non-slip silicone stoppers
  • Easily foldable and removable design
  • Fits all shape toilets
  • Comes with 6 large non-slip silicone pads
  • Includes a free carry bag for portability
  • Provides a secure and safe seating option for toddlers and kids, preventing them from falling into larger toilets
  • Helps maintain hygiene by preventing direct contact with public toilet seats
  • Convenient and portable design with easy folding and removable feature
  • Includes 6 large non-slip silicone pads for added stability and grip
  • The small rubber squares on the bottom may come off
  • The shipping may take longer than expected
Secure and Hygienic Solution
In conclusion, the Gimars Upgrade Non-Slip Easily Removed Foldable Travel Potty Seat offers a secure and hygienic solution for toddlers and kids, with its non-slip silicone pads, foldable design, and free carry bag, although there are minor concerns about the durability of the rubber squares and potential delays in shipping.

Jool Baby Travel Potty Seat

The Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls is a versatile and convenient solution for potty training on the go. This award-winning toilet seat securely fits most standard and public toilets, making it perfect for use in hotels, family/friends’ homes, and public restrooms. The non-slip suction cups provide stability and prevent slips or falls. The seat is lightweight, compact, and folds flat, making it easy to carry in the included travel bag. Customers have praised its durability and effectiveness, noting that it fits well on various toilet types, including handicap toilets. Additionally, the seat can be used in conjunction with toilet liners for added hygiene. With its practical design and positive reviews, the Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat is a must-have for hassle-free potty training on the go.

Convenient Portable Design
  • Fits round and oval toilets
  • Non-slip suction cups
  • Includes free travel bag
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Secures well to the toilet
  • Good size for little bottoms
  • Compact and easy to fold
  • Non-slip suction cups
  • Includes a free travel bag
  • Suitable for both round and oval toilets
  • Can be used in public restrooms
  • Requires a step stool for children who can’t climb on the toilet independently
  • Cleaning the seat in public restrooms can be inconvenient due to germs and the need to remove and clean the suction cups
Highly recommended
In conclusion, the Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat for Boys and Girls is a secure, compact, and convenient option for potty training on the go, fitting both round and oval toilets and including non-slip suction cups and a free travel bag.

Foldable Kids Potty Training Seat

Introducing the Portable Folding Large Non Slip Silicone Pads Potty Training Seat for Kids Boys & Girls. This potty training seat is designed to meet the needs of toddlers both at home and during travels. It provides a convenient and safe solution for on-the-go potty training for your little ones.

Featuring silicone pads for a non-slip surface, this potty training seat ensures that your child stays secure and prevents any chances of falling in. Although it fits on standard public toilets, it is worth noting that it is somewhat narrow and may not completely cover the public toilet seat. To address this, it is recommended to use a toilet seat cover for added hygiene. The folding design of the potty seat allows for easy storage and portability, making it perfect for families on the move.

Customers have praised this product for its effectiveness, particularly when using it in public restrooms. With a compact and portable design, it comes with a small bag for easy containment after use and before cleaning. The seat has been found to work well on various types of toilets, making it a versatile option for potty training. Overall, this convenient and practical product offers a safe and comfortable solution for your child’s potty training needs, whether at home or while traveling.

Convenient and Adjustable Design
  • Portable and foldable design
  • Large non-slip silicone pads
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Recyclable potty seat cover
Benefits of Folding
  • Portable and easy to carry in a bag
  • Non-slip silicone pads provide a secure seating surface for children
  • Foldable design for convenient storage and travel
  • Narrow design may result in the child’s legs and thighs touching the public toilet seat
  • It does not fully cover the public toilet seat, requiring the use of a separate toilet seat cover for complete protection
Convenient and Portable
Overall, the Portable Folding Large Non Slip Silicone Pads Potty Training Seat for Kids Boys u0026 Girls is a convenient and portable option for potty training on the go, with its foldable design and non-slip silicone pads ensuring a secure seating surface, although some users may find it necessary to supplement with a separate toilet seat cover for complete protection and comfort.

Maliton Travel Potty Seat with Storage Bag

The Travel Potty Seat for Toddler & Kid by Maliton is a convenient and portable solution for potty training on-the-go. Suitable for both boys and girls aged 1-6 years old, this neutral color potty seat helps make potty training a breeze, whether you’re at home or traveling. The seat is designed to hold your child securely and comfortably, providing a hygienic and familiar place for them to use the toilet. With its foldable design and included storage bag, this potty seat is easy to carry and fits perfectly in your diaper bag or purse. The non-slip design and splash guard ensure added safety and cleanliness. While it may slip occasionally on curved public toilet seats, it still offers great convenience for outings and long trips. The small front cup is particularly useful for little boys. Although some users reported that the seat may break after repeated use, its affordability makes it a popular choice for replacement purchases. Say goodbye to potty training nightmares with the Travel Potty Seat for Toddler & Kid by Maliton.

Convenient and Portable Potty Solution
  • Neutral color suitable for both boys and girls
  • Suitable for kids of 1-6 years old
  • Foldable and portable design
  • Comes with a storage bag for easy carrying
  • Non-slip seat cover with splash guard to prevent accidents
  • Helps in making potty training easier and less stressful
Convenient and Portable Travel Potty Seat
  • Portable and foldable design for easy travel and storage
  • Non-slip feature provides stability and prevents accidents
  • Comes with a storage bag for convenience and portability
  • Breaks after repeated use on some toilets
  • Occasionally slips on curved public toilet seats
Satisfactory solution
Overall, the Travel Potty Seat for Toddler u0026 Kid by Maliton is a convenient and portable solution for potty training on-the-go, featuring a non-slip seat cover and a storage bag for easy transportation, although it may have issues with durability on some toilets and occasional slipping on curved public toilet seats.

SKYROKU Travel Potty Seat – Portable u0026 Reusable Toddler Seat

Introducing the Travel Potty Seat for Toddlers by SKYROKU, the perfect solution for on-the-go potty training. Made with food-grade ABS material, this portable seat is safe and secure for your child to use. The newly designed 6-point anti-slip system ensures stability and prevents sliding, giving you peace of mind. This potty seat has received positive reviews for its convenience and functionality. Parents have praised its compactness, lightweight design, and durability. It also fits most public toilets without causing any discomfort to your child. With its attractive purple color and included travel bag, this potty seat is a great choice for travel and easy storage. Say goodbye to stress and make potty training a breeze with the SKYROKU Travel Potty Seat.

Convenient and Hygienic Solution
  • Made of food grade materials
  • 6-point anti-slip system
  • Portable and reusable seat cover
  • Perfect solution for sliding
  • Travel bag available
  • Safe and secure for toddlers on-the-go
Convenient and Durable
  • Portable and compact design
  • Made of food-grade materials
  • 6 point anti-slip system
  • Suitable for use on public toilets
  • Convenient travel bag included
  • There are small gaps in the folds that may make some users nervous
  • Some users may find it difficult to remove their toddler from the seat once they are using it
Overall Assessment
In conclusion, the Travel Potty Seat for Toddler by SKYROKU offers a convenient and portable solution for parents with its compact design, food-grade materials, and 6-point anti-slip system, although some users may be concerned about the small gaps in the folds and the difficulty in removing their toddler from the seat.

Comparison of Travel Potty Seats

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Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Potty Seats

Does a travel potty seat offer any additional safety features for young children?

Yes, a travel potty seat can offer additional safety features for young children. These portable potty seats are specifically designed to provide a safer and more comfortable experience for children during travel or on-the-go situations. Some common safety features include non-slip grips or pads on the bottom of the seat to prevent it from sliding around, a splash guard to keep urine from splashing out, and a sturdy construction to ensure stability. Additionally, some travel potty seats might come with adjustable legs or a locking mechanism to securely attach them to toilets, enhancing the overall safety and stability for children. It is important to note that safety features may vary depending on the brand and model of the travel potty seat.

Can a travel potty seat be used with disposable liners or bags?

Yes, a travel potty seat can be used with disposable liners or bags. These liners or bags are designed to fit the travel potty seat and provide a hygienic and convenient way to dispose of waste. They are typically made of durable materials that can contain and seal in bodily fluids and solids. When using a travel potty seat with disposable liners or bags, it is important to ensure that the liners or bags are secure and properly sealed to prevent any leakage or mess. Additionally, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for properly disposing of the used liners or bags after each use.

Are travel potty seats suitable for use in public restrooms?

Yes, travel potty seats are suitable for use in public restrooms. These portable potty seats are specifically designed to make it easier for children to use public restrooms when they are in the process of toilet training. They offer a hygienic and convenient solution by providing a clean seating surface, ensuring that children are comfortable and secure while using the restroom. Travel potty seats are lightweight, can easily fit into a diaper bag or backpack, and are designed to be folded or collapsible for easy storage and transportation. They often come with non-slip grips or suction cups on the bottom to ensure stability on the toilet seat. However, it is advisable to clean and disinfect the travel potty seat before and after use to maintain proper hygiene standards.

What materials are commonly used to construct travel potty seats?

Travel potty seats are commonly constructed using a variety of materials. The most frequently used materials include durable plastics, such as polypropylene or polyethylene, which provide strength and flexibility. These plastics are lightweight, making them ideal for portable travel potty seats. Additionally, they are relatively easy to clean and maintain, an important consideration for hygiene purposes. Some travel potty seats also incorporate silicone or rubber components for improved grip and comfort. Ultimately, the choice of materials depends on factors such as durability, ease of cleaning, and user comfort.

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